The Falkland Island’s Company, established in 1852, has evolved into a versatile solution provider with deep roots in the community. Initially focused on land ownership, it has diversified its offerings to encompass a wide array of essential services.

Guided by its core values, the company aims to bolster financial investment and hospitality development in the islands. To achieve these goals, the company engages in venture capital presentations to attract funding partners. One significant opportunity in its real estate and hospitality investment ventures involves the development of luxury self-contained timber construction cabins.

Nestled in the rugged landscape of the Falkland Islands, these cabins offer guests a unique experience characterized by dramatic vistas and star-filled night skies visible through apex skylights. Despite the rustic charm, they boast modern luxury amenities, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay for visitors. FIC approached Space VR to collate a multi-facetted presentation giving strength to all the aspects needed to introduce possible investment to this exciting opportunity.


Computer Generated Imagery

Space VR was tasked with creating photorealistic images and animations to enhance the presentation. These visuals encompassed both luxurious interior accommodations and exterior representations, depicting the buildings nestled within the mountainous islands. Leveraging a vast library of professionally crafted models and textures, we expedited the production process while ensuring exceptional quality.

With 25 years of experience in architectural digital material production, Space VR is adept at employing cutting-edge CG techniques, precisely tailored to fit within budget constraints. This expertise enables us to deliver stunning visual representations that authentically capture the feeling of the Falkland Islands and elevating the overall presentation to new heights.

Audio Visual

The concept is further brought to life through a meticulously crafted marketing video, produced to encapsulate the essence of the islands. Seamlessly blending stock footage, photography, and custom helicopter and drone footage, the video offers viewers a captivating glimpse into the rugged beauty and allure of the islands. Elevating the visual narrative are Space VR digital materials, enhancing the immersive experience. A crafted script for the video was also written as a narrative to the video creating a brand tone of voice and a campaign feel.


Complementing this visual spectacle are essential documents: a layout masterplan drawing package and a financial forecasting document, providing a comprehensive overview of the concept’s vision and feasibility. The culmination of these efforts is a slick, polished showreel, ready for presentation or broadcast. Serving as a powerful marketing tool, it effectively communicates the islands’ potential to stakeholders and audiences, enticing them to explore and invest in the captivating destination.

A typographic logo and brand pack were also created to bring the project a consistency of visual language with examples of how this would filter into marketing and press ads.


Space VR provides clients with an all-encompassing presentation package, offering computer-generated architectural impressions, cohesive marketing strategies, and polished marketing videos.

By delivering all services under one roof, clients experience a seamless process with consistent quality throughout. This integrated approach ensures that every aspect of the presentation, from conception to delivery, is fully realized and professional.

Space VR’s commitment to excellence is evident in its attention to detail and dedication to exceeding client expectations. With Space VR, clients can trust that their project will be handled with expertise and precision, resulting in a compelling and impactful presentation that effectively communicates their vision and goals.

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like what you see?
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