The Orchard Housing Development


Our new client required marketing material for a large residential development with multiple units. They were unsure of which views would serve the visuals best, so requested Space VR to propose camera positions for the images.

This was our first collaboration together so it was important the process was as smooth and problem free as possible. Often Space VR works with clients with no prior experience in CGI, so we keep in regular contact with updates and progress.


We advised producing still CG images for this project as they have the flexibility to be used within websites, as printed materials and for site signage. Also, the production turnaround is relatively quick, plus the costs of which can be precisely forecast which also appeals to the client.

Marketing is vital for these residential ventures, and as the developer’s desired position is always to complete purchases on all units before the building construction has completed, early market awareness is imperative. While photography is obviously unavailable at this early stage, photorealistic impressions could be considered the next best thing.



Producing residential development images are Space VR’s ‘stock in trade’, and an invaluable tool to the client when used to market such a project. Daytime images can easily be re-rendered into evening images with additional modelling and lighting, that can create a new atmosphere and tone.

We have been informed that all of The Orchards’ units have now been sold, and our images have already led to a collaboration with a new client.

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like what you see?
let’s talk